Where Financial and Client Service Meet


Janie Clark
When Janie Clark says she's passionate about helping people plan for the future, it's not a contrived statement. For nearly 30 years, Ms. Clark has been working with individuals to provide guidance, mentoring, and support through investment and retirement planning as well as insurance benefits – and she does not take her calling lightly. 
While pursuing a degree in education, Ms. Clark worked for the Social Security Administration, where she noticed that many of her clients hadn't made adequate plans to prepare for retirement, disability, or the death of a loved one, leaving them stranded. She saw a need and made a plan, choosing not to educate students in the traditional sense but to teach people about insurance. In her first year selling insurance – door to door, no less – she was recognized as the top producer in her office. Since that strong beginning, she has maintained a competitive edge, always striving for high results while never losing sight of her original goal to help people.
As the principal at Clark and Associates Financial Services, Ms. Clark leads by example. She expects the same dedication from her team as she puts forth herself. Far from calling herself a salesperson, Ms. Clark considers herself to be an advocate and information provider. "The business is not about meeting sales quotas; it is about collaborating with clients to build a plan to create financial stability now and into the future." A hands-on manager, Ms. Clark sees clients regularly and maintains strong connections with her family of clients.
The greatest joy Ms. Clark derives from her job is delivering a check to clients when a crisis strikes. While others are looking to get something, she helps give them something: confidence in their financial future. That goes a long way toward building relationships and fulfilling her passion.